Link to All-State Softball 2014

Sydney White
Pitcher, Lehi, Sophomore
14-4 W-L, 84 strikeouts, 5-0 postseason; .381 avg., 7 HRs, 10 doubles, 21 RBIs, 37 runs
Coach’s take • “Sydney is a natural leader and she led this entire team throughout the whole year. She’s super-consistent and can handle any pressure situations you put her in. She throws numerous pitches for us, and that’s what makes her so strong. She has so many resources [on the mound] that she can be dominate at all times. Sydney is incredibly strong at the plate, hitting for power and utilizing her speed. She led off for us, and that power and speed got us going every inning.” - Whitney Thomas, Lehi coach
Jaycie LeBaron
Pitcher, Taylorsville, Junior
19-2 W-L, 132 strikeouts
Coach’s take • “She’s been our main pitcher for the last three years. She has the full arsenal on the mound, throwing fastballs and changeups and really dominating on the mound. She’s a full-range pitcher. She works really hard making sure not to let anyone down. She can play anywhere on the field and works incredibly hard. Definitely one of our leaders. When she has a smile on her face, the entire team knows they can do it.” - Rich Kaelin, Taylorsville coach
Laina Su’esu’e
Catcher, East, Sophomore
.646 avg., 64 hits, 12 doubles, 33-game hit streak
Coach’s take • “She’s a powerhouse behind the plate. Laina is the kid you want in a clutch situation, hitting for huge power. She’s a kid with great spirit and a passion for the game. Laina is developing a passion for being behind the plate, and I’m looking forward to her getting even better over the next two years.” - Marianne Bullis, East coach
McKinley Brinkerhoff
Infielder, Spanish Fork, Senior
.491 avg., 10 HRs, 7 triples, 49 runs, .980 fielding
Coach’s take • “Physically, mentally, she pretty much led my team. As a shortstop, she was phenomenal. But then, that’s what she’s done last for the last four years. She’s a great hitter, great fielder. She could pretty much do anything she set out to.” - Don Andrews, Spanish Fork coach
Lizzy Palmer
Infielder, Manti, Senior
.567 avg., .612 OBP, 9 HRs, 3 triples, 2 doubles
Coach’s take • “Lizzy has a lot of drive and is very determined to win. She’s the kind of girl that would stay late to practice on everything she needed to improve on. Her strength and determination gave the girls a vision of what type of team they wanted to be. She pushed them along the entire way, always pushing them to be the very best that they could.” - Susan Hatch, Manti coach
Caitlyn Larsen
Infielder, Viewmont, Senior
.553 avg., 14 HRs, 12 doubles, 40 RBIs, 40 runs
Coach’s take • “Great glove — Caitlyn has tremendous range in the 5-6 hole getting to balls hit into the grass. Caitlyn possesses such a great sense of the game and has so much range She’s our general on the field, calling all of our defensive plays. Her athletic ability does all of her talking. She’s one of those kids that doesn’t need to be very vocal to get the other players to follow her. [Fourteen] home runs says it all about her, but she’ll do what is necessary at the plate. She’ll sacrifice herself to get runs and do whatever is needed to win. Caitlyn is such a clutch hitter.” - Brad Jones, Viewmont coach
Karlee Jensen
Infielder, Taylorsville, Senior
.535 avg., .589 OBP, 50 RBIs, 14 doubles, five HRs, 37 runs
Coach’s take • “Karlee is amazing at shortstop. She makes the hard plays look easy and is very quick side-to-side with a great arm. She is going to be incredibly hard to replace. Our best hitter is third in the lineup and that’s where Karlee played. She has a great swing and gave us the best chance for getting a RBI. Her competitive nature ensures that she’ll do whatever is necessary for the team to win. She goes well beyond what is expected to give our team the competitive advantage — very coachable.” - Rich Kaelin, Taylorsville coach
Alex Oveson
Outfielder, Salem Hills, Junior
.305 avg., 22 RBIs
Coach’s take • “If I had to describe Alex in one word, it would be ‘determined.’ She is such a competitor. She just wants to win. Comes out of her pores. She bleeds determination. It is fun to coach Alex because she just wants it so bad.” - Renae Kinghorn, Salem Hills coach
Janessa Bassett
Outfielder, Stansbury, Junior
.505 avg., 49 runs, 8 HRs, 23 RBIs, 41 SBs, 1.000 Fld%
Coach’s take • “Five-tool players are a rarity — Janessa is nearly a six-tool player. Exceptional speed, excellent arm, great defensively, hits for both power and contact, and super-strong. More than anything, she has great field and situational awareness.” “She makes diving catches routinely, making super tough plays look easy and effortlessly,” Clinton said. “And nobody dares run on her because she has an absolute cannon for an arm.” - Bridget Clinton, Stansbury coach
Taylor Tahbo
Outfielder, Lehi, Junior
.436 avg., 5 HRs, 7 doubles, 31 RBIs, 35 runs
Coach’s take • “Taylor was a big part of our team this year, just a great player and a great kid. In the state tournament, she batted third in our lineup, so that shows what she’s capable of. One thing I like about Taylor is that she’s really consistent — you could always count on her to put the ball in play and score some runs. She was also consistent defensively. Out in center field, she was backing up Sydney all year. She tracks the ball really well, and she’s got a strong arm, too.” - Whitney Thomas, Lehi coach